Saturday, January 28, 2012

all about timing...

Timing Cover, alternator cover, derby cover...I don`t`s a cover. Here are some more shots of them none the less.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

long may you run.

Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Although these changes
Have come
With your chrome heart shining
In the sun
Long may you run.

Well, it was
Back in Blind River in 1962
When I last saw you alive
But we missed that shift
On the long decline
Long may you run.

I found out the other day that my birthday is the same as one of the most talented musicians in history. Not to mention a Canadian....Sometimes all I want to do is build a cabin in the woods, learn blacksmithing, smoke out of a pipe, learn the harmonica...and listen to Neil Young...........

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ribbed xs650 timing cover.

Cast Aluminum. First one ever...not even drilled yet. Fits in place of stock and looks a hell of a lot better than the original. You`ll be one step closer to tricking people into thinking you`re riding a Triumph! All the prototypes I`m doing are first done in aluminum since its easier to work with, and once all the kinks are worked out I`ll move onto brass.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

fer sale.

1951 GMC  5 window pick up, virtually no rust, originally from San Diego. Chevy small block w/ 700r4 4 speed auto trans and Ford 9 inch rear end, headers, newly rechromed bumpers, B&M shifter. Runs pretty good, could use a tune up. It`s a runner, I drove it spring and summer, just took the insurance off of it a week ago. Definately not a "show truck" but who cares, everythings there and it runs. "Show" and "truck" are two words that shouldn`t be side by side anyways. I need more tools for the shop and a new project. Bummer to let it go. E-mail @ . Localish inquiries only please.

Friday, January 20, 2012

metal & maple.

Brass Bronze Copper Cast Sand Kick Kicker Floor Board Chopper Bobber Flanders  Master Bates Vintage XS650 Yamaha Triumph Aluminum Casting TIG

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

high octane wizardry.

Some liquid inspiration and a Friday night with the airbrush...this is what you`s a shame I had to paint over Merlin...casting fabrication spells and all.

lite brite.

shotgun spray.

Newest one. I`m not too sure what a Perogie Heart is....but I`m sure it`s great.....this ones for you, Andy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

old toys.

 `69 Chevelle and a `74 Dodge Maxi Van named Bertha...or 'the Party Vanimal'....that thing had eveerrryything...stash spots....cold beer in the fridge..a stove...beds....lace paint..creepy front plate..It made it all the way down to California and back and all around the islands. I gota find myself a new Bertha.

Hand Cast / Sand Made.

The foundry is glowing red hot and ready to pour. Hopefully sooner rather than later I`ll have a few parts and pieces ready for market. It`s taken a lot longer than I wanted but thats how these things go. I finally got the website set up so people can buy through paypal once all is said and done. Thanks everyone for your patience, I hope you`ll dig what I`ve been working on.


The latest and greatest. Complete with "neon" and vintage reflective glass beads. Many layers of paint and patina to create the aged is intentional!...If you`re interested in a sign of your own just shoot me an e-mail @

downward spiral.

Believe it or not, this used to be a Mustang tank with dual fillers. I went a bit crazy with the torch and hammer...and round bar...Not sure what the fate of this one will be. It still needs a bunch of stuff to be useful to anyone. Perhaps another wall hanger...I`ve had it hidden in a cupboard for a year and a half`s about time it saw daylight..or is it.... It`s more of an art piece than a "how-to" in fabrication.