Saturday, November 24, 2012


If there`s anyone out there who I`m always in a race to out-do, it`s myself.
This is the biggest and best sign yet. It has a multi-level design which makes the banner
look as though it is really wrapped around itself, along with a raised logo.

I hope this sign lights up your office for years to come Matt.
 Check out the radness @

Also, Nathan and Jevan from Odette Visual stopped by to film the entire fabrication and paint process of this one. I can`t wait to see it when its done guys and please.. please.. edit out the ranting..haha.
 See what they`re working on @

Odds and Sods...

***SOLD***Hand made Intake and Air Cleaner set up with thru-bolt.
***SOLD***Battery Box - with enough room to hide all your wiring.

Ribbed Aluminum - Cast Stator Cover.
The intake uses chrome louvered air cleaners
I made all these parts a while ago when I was building my Yamaha XS650. Once I realized
 the parts I was making actually worked pretty well, I decided to make a few of each.
They are jig built and tig welded. These parts were just sitting around on the shelf
so I dusted them off and took a few snaps. They`re all brand new.
If anyones interested in them, shoot me
an -Trav

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday.

One of my all time heroes Shinya Kimura sent me an early birthday present.
I can`t really put into words how stoked I am on this.
Just awesome. Thanks Shinya.