Friday, January 18, 2013

Show Class Magazine "Peoples Champ" Offering.

I'm on no sleep, and this wicked bitch has been trying to kiiillll me by consuming every hour of my life that doesn't apply to my day job. I entered months back to be apart of the Show Class Magazine "Born Free 5" Peoples Champ competition. I was blown away when I recently received a return email with the honor to be apart of this awesome event and have been seriously hard at it since to say the least.

The concept for the bike is basically low and tight archaic industrialized purpose driven war machine. This bike is going to give me the chance to try my hand at building something different, and fabricating/casting parts that I've never done before (most for good reason). I'm going to attempt to build some one off parts that might take too long and bite me in the ass at the end, but I want to see this vision through as best I can, and not cut corners while doing so. Some of the kooked-out stuff I'm planning to build include, but are not limited to:
  • Narrowed Split Tanks-sectioned
  • Custom Formed dash
  • Cast Dual Throat Intake through Tank
  • 21" SS Custom Spool Front
  • 18" Rear with Custom Hubcaps
  • Handmade I-Beam springer 
  • Hand cast taillight
  • Custom Stainless Sissy Bar
  • Homemade Kicker Pedal
  • Stainless gusseted framework
  • Custom Cast Primary Cover
  • Cast Rocker Covers
  • Handmade Headlight 
  • Jockey Shift Foot Clutch
  • Custom Mid Controls
  • Brass Bronze Risers
  • High Death Pipes
  • Mental hens nest
  • 1 glorious ride to California

So if I make the first round of voting by the Jan 30th It's a go, and If I don't......well, It's still a go. I want to build the bike I have wanted forever and this is just the perfect motovation to get my ass in gear. 

Gimme a vote on bike #21 if you like what you see so far and want to support the lone Canadian. Head over to Show Class Magazine and check out the crazy stiff competition I'm up against! Man..there are some insanely talented hermits spread all over the place! Check back on the blog here if you want to see the updates, I aint going anywhere for a while
- Trav