Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Show Class Peoples Champ - Update

Here are some newer shots of the Born Free x Show Class build.

It looks like I made the top six. I`m super stoked to be along side some amazing builders 
and I`m equally as stoked that I get to make my way down to California and catch some much needed sun.

I`ve been living the hermit life...I think the 4Q shirt "Loners and Dreamers" sums the
last few months up to a tee. I`ve been in the shop working on and drawing up more oddball
parts than ever before. The excitement of this competition has served as 
amazing motivation to just focus and work. A huge thanks to everyone who has been a part
of this process in one way or another and a big thanks to Show Class for giving me this huge opportunity.

Playing catch up.

I`ve been buried with work for the past little while and I have a hell of  a lot of catching up to do.

 A good place to start catching up is with these pictures Brett Beadle shot of my Yamaha 
a few months back. They came out great. Check out his photography at - http://manalivemotorcycles.tumblr.com