Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Show Class Peoples Champ - Update

Here are some newer shots of the Born Free x Show Class build.

It looks like I made the top six. I`m super stoked to be along side some amazing builders 
and I`m equally as stoked that I get to make my way down to California and catch some much needed sun.

I`ve been living the hermit life...I think the 4Q shirt "Loners and Dreamers" sums the
last few months up to a tee. I`ve been in the shop working on and drawing up more oddball
parts than ever before. The excitement of this competition has served as 
amazing motivation to just focus and work. A huge thanks to everyone who has been a part
of this process in one way or another and a big thanks to Show Class for giving me this huge opportunity.


  1. Amazing work Man. I'd love to ride out and check that thing in person one day.

  2. Thanks alot D. You`re welcome by the shop anytime!

  3. Congratulations, Travis! Great to see some of your work! Have a great time in California!

  4. Just heard about this and makin top 6...Congrats

  5. Rhonda... Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it, ill definately have myself a time in California!