Saturday, November 24, 2012

Odds and Sods...

***SOLD***Hand made Intake and Air Cleaner set up with thru-bolt.
***SOLD***Battery Box - with enough room to hide all your wiring.

Ribbed Aluminum - Cast Stator Cover.
The intake uses chrome louvered air cleaners
I made all these parts a while ago when I was building my Yamaha XS650. Once I realized
 the parts I was making actually worked pretty well, I decided to make a few of each.
They are jig built and tig welded. These parts were just sitting around on the shelf
so I dusted them off and took a few snaps. They`re all brand new.
If anyones interested in them, shoot me
an -Trav


  1. you got a picture of those air cleaners on an XS?
    Do they have filters in them?

  2. Hey man, yea they have air filters in them. I added a picture above to show them on a bike, it`s not the clearest shot but it should give you an idea of how they work!

  3. Bigger than I thought from the product only shot. Awesome bike, love how in the photo your wires are still labelled.

  4. Yea..thats pretty funny having the wires labelled in that pic. I always get greif from that haha. The air cleaners/intake arent the smallest but still smaller than stock and better looking than the pods, I think atleast.