Sunday, June 10, 2012

warding off the evil eye.

The great protector and bringer of good fortune.

Shown here in beginning stages of becoming something awesome.
This is the prototype for a one off casting.
Not going to give away what it is...or for what. But I`ll post up pictures soon enough of it in use.
It IS a motorcycle part for once
and, yes, that is a glass eye.


  1. Hi Trav, do I get a prize if I know what it will be.... ?
    maybe it's gonna be something like this..... ;-)

    any news about the "new" floor boards ? ;-)

    ride free & wild



  2. Nice try...but its triple the size and actually has a purpose on the bike aswell. I actually ended up dropping the glass eye and it shattered .... which put the whole thing on hold until I just found a guy locally who sells more of them.

    Were you interested in those floor boards?...I never heard back. How was Bottrop? Hopefully I`ll be out there next year.