Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bandit.

This is one of the coolest signs to date, for one of the raddest clients. These
are the first pictures of it and he said I could do whatever I wanted.
So here it is. I really hope you like it!

This was definately an honor to be able to make something that is
 going to hang in the showroom at the Church of Choppers HQ. 
Thankyou for the opportunity Jeff,
and keep up the good work man.


  1. Awesome, I'm sure he'll be stoked! Your signs are phenomenal Trav!!!

  2. I am stoked! Some time has passed since i got the sign...but I have been waiting for the new shop. Now that we are in, I will get it hung up and make a nice post on it. I thank you very much, so fucking cool.
    I love it. Thank you.

  3. Super stoked on it. I have been waiting on the new shop to get it hung up. Now that we are here, I will make a nice post on it in its proper placement. Thank you very much! I love it!

  4. Glad to hear it Jeff! I can`t wait to see some pics of it in its new home! Thanks again.