Sunday, February 26, 2012

fork study.

It`s time to build.


  1. F@ck ya. Do it. If i trusted my own welds I'd love to build a front end... One day.
    The Paul cox "Berserker" girder and Spartan are a few of my handmade faves.
    Can't wait to see what you do! Melt down some olde Pilsner cans!

  2. yea that crazy chromed one with the tapered holes?...yea that things nuts...I think Indian Larry passed down some crazy knowledge to keino and Paul...cuz both of them are building insane front ends nowadays. Paul Cox with that crazy thing..and Keino with his inline 3 spring springer...nutss...I always loved the style those Spartan guys have...maybe cuz I`m a sucker for "steam punk"...haha...I have no idea...they look rad though..I wish there was a schematic of how the Harman Spirder worked...its a "pull" spring as apposed to the standard "push" type...somehow he has a spring hidden in the rear leg. I still dont know how they get it in there and secure it.

  3. Yeah I think that Paul cox girder is all stainless too.

  4. could be...that`d be crazy...from what little I know about metallurgy stainless is prone to breaking. My bikes got all stainless bolts on it but they like to snap off if they`re tightened too much...but what do I know...the frame of that bike Jesse James just built was stainless I think..with no headtube gusset...same with the springer, made of square tube solid on its edge...