Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The One, Round Two.

Chain Guards Return.

Awesome ideas and fabrication.

Super Super mini tank. Dragslicks.

Heres some pics of the One show down in Portland, Oregon. My camera shit the bed when I tried getting all the pictures off it, so pretty much all these are jacked off the web. It turns out it`s exactly 1000km from my shop to Portland and back...kinda weird...wonder if its exactly 2000 to Oak Canyon?..guess I`ll find out...fingers crossed it`ll be on a bike instead of a Dodge Caravan....

Definately some rad bikes and some rad people. I learned a few lessons on this trip. Skipping work really IS a good idea, and $1 beers all day long are a bad one..and apparently I have an accent? Good times.

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