Sunday, November 13, 2011

You get what you put in.

Its been a dream for a long time. I`ve been buying The Horse forever, none of the other magazines really had any relevance to me at the time. I didn`t have any money for any type of motorcycle at that time let alone a fancy one, so to see a bunch of dudes building their own bikes from the ground up and being able to read a bit about it was pretty rad. I still have the  `04 Indian Larry tribute issue hanging in my shop.

That tank is kind of a tribute in itself to the original few bikes and guys I saw that even got me obsessed with this stuff....That tank originally was a Indian Larry dished tank and the engraved centre section certainly wasn`t my idea. Johnny Chops "True Blue" had an engraved centre section just like it, done by Terrera. That thing was amazing. One day I`d love to learn the true art of chisel engraving. One day.

Thanks to all the guys at the Horse and the people who weren`t given props in the magazine. I did a big `ol spec sheet that wasn`t included, but no worries I`ll just do it now. Big thanks to Braeden for the use of his camera and some of the pics, as well as Kirb for the wiring help. It was pretty cool that the issues arrival at the local 7/11 was a day before my birthday this year, I guess it worked out, being that we get everything super late up here in Canada.


  1. Thanks alot man, that tank was a definate gamble that ended up working out pretty well. Thanks again for the stoke.

  2. great work !!
    also the other things seen on your pics are interesting....
    I wrote you an email..... please anwser to

    ride free & wild