Saturday, November 26, 2011

can`t stop.

I got the chance to go by Paul Brodie`s workshop today. To check out what hes working on and talk metal fab.  Its pretty amazing to see the shop and talk to the man made it all happen. His latest build is #4 in a series of 10 Excelsior OHV Board track racers. It`s a perfect replica, but all he had to work from were 6 original photographs. He made everything from scratch  including the engine, with hours of machining and making molds for casting. As of right now they are the only ones in the world, since the originals were destroyed with a sledge hammer after Bob Perry crashed and died in 1920 while racing at speeds of 95-100mph. Back in the days when men were men, no brakes just balls, and a kill switch made out of a hacksaw blade.

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